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sketchdump. by crrristian sketchdump. by crrristian
gugh, sorry If you got this twice, I flubbed up the first time and now I gotta retype all of this.

I've been trying to draw alot more in 2010, like everyday. Here are some decent sketches I thought I'd show everyone.

1-4. My braid obsession. Brought on by Alexander Wang Spring 2010 collection. And they're all springy because I was hoping for winter to end soon, but judging by the raging blizzard outside, It's probably won't be coming soon :|

5. Fetish piece haha, shaggy hair, freckles and anchor necklaces <3

6. Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. Man, I love that game. The graphics are beautiful and the characters have such amazing designs.

7. My wapanese is showing. I was inspired to something cutesy by *monosomy's work. She amazes me with everything she does.

8. Filler mecha. Ignore this haha....

9-10. Sailor phase (Which, technically, is still ongoing). I'm a little sea obsessed right now... probably because of my astral signs or some shit like that (im pisces btw)

11. Suits and ties are my vice. I can actually draw theme without refs now!!! :D /shot

12. Totally not a creepy, lurk drawing of someone who sits across from me in my religion class. Totally...

13. Luck number thirteen. Again, suits and ties. Trying to channel some of =thetoastsaidno's older work.

So yeaaaah, comment, let me now whatcha think. I'd really like to talk with some of watchers aha. Now I gotta go work on some better work... on my new mac computer, oh yeah, which I got for my birthday (feb 20th). Btdubs.
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Coffee-Brown Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
From funny chibi comic pages to awesome sketches like this! I love how your style just keeps on growing.

I really like these sketches, when i get some money I'm gonna commission you to draw something or design me a dress lol ^_^
KittehShmoo Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist
Ohhh, man, your sketches are so nice. They're all so clean - mine are always scribbled to death. I especially love 12, the way her legs are folded is really neat, for some reason. As always I love your hair and clothing <3 Your anatomy's been improving a lot lately as well. Sometimes the necks look a little off though.
Leonham Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010   Photographer
I'm not much of a critique writer, but I thought I should comment anyway :nod:
The way you draw people fascinates me. You seem to have taken an anatomy class of some sort. I suggest a tutorial on human anatomy for us...or something. /is jealous
Let's see...I also enjoy your way of drawing clothing. Lines of creases/folds are utterly cool.
I also have a sort of obsession with anchors/the sea...something about the rugged sea life or something.
Overall, I really like this piece of artwork/sketches. Keep sketching. (:
Saffy-in-the-Clouds Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Student General Artist
Remind me again.. I'm going to have to compete with you in the future.

crrristian Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Well, when you're my age, you'll be a trillion times better than me
Plus a little competition never hurt any one ;) ;)
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